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Here is how to vacation in exotica

We all go for our vacations. Which means every year, once or twice we pack all our absolute essentials and we are off. Away from the office, work, similar surrounding, acquaintances, all!


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There is so much that you can learn when you travel. Indeed traveling can expand your horizon so much that when...


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We bring with us the complete traveling solution right from booking your airline tickets...

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Here is how to vacation in exotica

Normal is boring:

We all go for our vacations. Which means every year, once or twice we pack all our absolute essentials and we are off. Away from the office, work, similar surrounding, acquaintances, all! Our little luggage becomes our small world which we lug around and our very luggage is our closet for our clothes, our boots, cosmetics and those little packets that we sneaked in to save ourselves from draconian hunger pangs!

Wait a minute:

Before you head out, have you decided upon your destination? Sure, you must have because your bookings must be made based on it unless of course it is your hiking trip where you have no idea where you are heading for. If you are planning a vacation, it makes a lot of sense to deliberate on the choices that you have. If going to the same place or a similar kind of place every year or two is indeed your idea of a fulfilling and relaxing vacation, go ahead. Nah, we will not stop you!

But, if you are someone who craves for the extra ordinary, the not so mundane and adventurous join us. Below is a list of the vacation spots which are as much exotic as they promise to be relaxing. Browse the list and check to decide which one is the right one for you.

  1. A birdhouse for a vacation:

If you have decided in holidaying at any place that is close to Shropshire, then pack up your bags again from that hotel and head straight to the ‘BirdHouse’. This property that is owned by Landmark Trust is the latest entrant on its list and promises to be the most romantic retreat that you may have had or wish to have. The cottage nestled between the trees is a haven for nature lovers. You can even sell house fast in such locations.

  1. Live like royalty:

Have you been to the Ashley Castle at Warwickshire? You would want to see it believe the castle in its restored glory. It is amazing! It will let you feel like royalty alright!

  1. Perhaps, a dose of history:

If you are anywhere near Cornwall, head straight to The Egyptian House. This particular landmark is believed to have been inspired by Egyptian expeditions that Napoleon Bonaparte undertook. He was totally impressed with the Egyptian art and architecture and therefore commissioned this building.

For a long time, the building housed a museum and recently has been made into a traveler’s in albeit with interesting things to do to make your stay memorable and for you to take back pleasant memories.

  1. Staying inside a fruit!

Legend has it that the Earl of Dunmore loved the pineapple so much that he had his summerhouse in Scotland made in the shape of one. The place has a queer ambience and a sprawling garden, but if you want to overlook the expansive central Scotland from the window of a pineapple, you are welcome to book your stay and tour here!

  1. Ah! A lighthouse:

Ever fancied spending your time in an old lighthouse? Well, why not? This lighthouse is situated in a three mile protrusion of the sea near the Bristol channel in the England and we buy houses riverside for you without you having to worry. The light house once used to guides travelers in ships touching the Lundy Islands. The lighthouse is now been used as a tourist place and is dirt cheap to be able to hire it for a day and night.

  1. Cottages by the sea:

Sometimes, the scenery outside is so beautiful that you want to stay awake and take it all inside. Sleep will evade you for the whole time and by the time you are about to call it a day you still ache for more scenic beauty. Happens right? Two twin cottages at Caithness in Scotland promises similar fun and enchantment.

  1. The architect’s delight:

The pigsty in North Yorkshire in the UK is a medley of styles. It is built in the Mediterranean style and is an off shoot of a small island on Robinhood’s Bay.

  1. Water tower:

In Norfolk way back in 1877, a water tower was commissioned and pressed into service t supply water to Sandringham Estate. The water tower is since been renovated with a superb cottage on its top floor which overlooks the entire estate around.

  1. In the heart of the city:

Perhaps, you are someone who cannot be torn away from his urban existence and at the same time you also want to able to have your peace and quiet. Welcome to the Princelet Street which has cutesy apartments all in a nice row and gives you that eighteenth century feels. And yes they also have terrace garden!